If you’re always on Facebook or Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen me there more than once or twice..

Fun Fact: I can shoot a video right now and  make 30k-40k per day…

And here’s another fun fact, I didn’t need any fancy equipment or hundreds of thousands of investments for my videos.

I have seen this strategy done by Peng Joon, Tony Robbins, and Russel Bruson they’re making hundreds upon thousands of revenue from it as well.

And we didn’t need a whole crew to make this happen.

All it took was a simple phone and the winning creative idea. (Well I guess I did invest millions to have these skills, plus years of investment.)

So here’s the three steps on how I made 180k with that video in 3 days..

1. The Audience – It’s not enough to just know you’re audience’s age and gender. You need to really research them. Find out what they love and don’t love. Find out their biggest struggles. Find out their biggest challenges. Once you’ve figured this out, it’s time to go to the next step.

2. The Offer – The offer should be something your audience MUST have. Not just “nice to have” or “Interesting.” The offer must make your audience feel absolutely sad if they reject it. In other words, the offer must be irresistible. Something that resonates with your audience. An offer that is capable of selling itself without even needing to sell it, but this will only work with the last element…

3. The Delivery – When you give the offer, some audience aren’t totally on the same page as you yet. Some of them might need some educating, some of them might need some ‘waking-up-to-the-truth’. Delivering the offer is just as important as selling the offer. This can be done with proper funnels, copywriting, and messaging.

Now, I’ve been polishing my skills on making money with ads for more than 4 years now and today, I can say, making ads profitable is as easy as breathing for me. That’s not because I have talent or that I’m a prodigy. Success is simply a consequence of what I’ve learned throughout the years.

Now, you can always go thru the long-road yourself or you can let me help you get there in an instant.

The point I want to share here is, ANYONE who is willing enough to learn this CAN make this happen for them instantly because I’ve already gone thru the hassle trial and error for years myself.

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