I gotta admit…

Last night was crazy.

We went thru all that clearing of limiting beliefs and shared our stories and ended it with an offer of a lifetime.

So before I give you the link to register, let me give you some back story on how I was able to make 800k in less than two months thru freelancing.

This was last December when Odette hit. My internet was down. Our food was down. Our water was down. Our electricity was down.

I had to go to a hotel lounge and work sa floor nila para lang maka gamit ng internet which was SUPER SLOW TALAGA!

My biggest mistake was, building my business Quickpro around ME.

The moment I was out of the picture, my company started losing alot of revenue and that was my big mistake.

So the only way to save it and save myself and my family, was to go back to freelance work.

But the problem was, I don’t want to earn just 20k or 30k per month. (grabeh, living expenses ko palang 100k na)

So I HAD to find a way. Coz if not, patay tayo guys. Pramis.

So I decided to find a way to turn my freelancing skills into a business. I decided to create an IRRESISTABLE offer that clients could NOT afford to refuse.

I didn’t just stick to one skill. Because one skill is not enough to solve problems. I didn’t want to be JUST another employee. I needed to be a ‘one-man-business-money-making-machine’.


So what did I do? I had to go back to basics but with a six figure goal. (all while using the super slow internet ng hotel.)


I outreached to one market only (that means clients with only one niche). Afterwards, I drafted out all their problems thru market research. (I did all this in 3 days)

After drafting them, I created a service that was so irresistible, both Filipino and Foreign clients paid me more than 150k to 300k each.

And get this.. These clients don’t even know me. They don’t know about Quickpro. They don’t know I’m a business coach. And I don’t even have anything to show for because I’ve been a business owner for a long time and haven’t done any freelancing jobs.

But despite that, I was able to close them? How did I do this?

I laid out all of this in my ‘Make-Money-Now Emergency Kit’. This program is a new membership I’m calling “All-star Legacy Membership”.

So without further delay, here is the rundown of what you’re about to get:

Six Figure Client Channel Blueprint –  This blueprint contains the two month execution action steps from finding your super rich clients, getting them on a call with you, and eventually close them! (Valued at 25,000PHP)

9 Facebook groups filled with 6-figure clients – These groups includes members like Grant Cardone, Taki Mora, Joel Kaplan, and other millionaire clients. This is literally a treasure chest of clients. (Valued at 5,000PHP)

80+ Websites for Freelance Job Application – These website goes with clients making 5-6 figures who needs to hire freelancers ASAP.

My P1 Million Client Closing Script – Learn my diagnosing and closing strategies that allowed me to close six figures for both Filipino and Foreign clients. (valued at 25,000PHP).

4 Classes a month for 3 months (Focused Intensive w/ Coach Maj) – These classes are gonna be filled with action-taking sessions. We’ll be executing on the blueprint together to ensure faster results.   (valued at 50,000PHP).

Angela’s Six Figure Agency Training (6 Sessions in total) Angela will be personally coaching you via zoom session on how to launch your own agency and how it helped her make 6 figures in 4 short months (valued at 24,000PHP).

All of this you’re going to get for only 3,999PHP


I don’t know if I’ll ever give an offer like this again, because I also want to balance my time and coaching with committed and determined students only.

Since you signed up for the 3,999PHP membership, I want to filter the action takers only. This price is already a huge take-away on your part.

I’ll only accept those who will pay before March 4th, Friday 10pm. If your payment is late, we will refund it to you. No hard feelings 🙂

If you’re ready to hop on board, this is your time. Take it now and let’s start your All-Star Legacy Membership Experience