My First FAILURE this year 2022 as a come-back freelancer!

 So I just want to share something that really hit home and made me feel all kinds of emotions.

 After running businesses, I kind of felt like I want to go back to my roots and do some freelance work again for clients and get down and do the actual work!

So, looking back as a freelancer, I’ve served clients abroad and in the Philippines and made them 7 to 8 figures in just a week..
Feeling overly confident, I started an agency and opened up my services to small businesses.

I started working with two coaches who, one might say, are still getting started.

When they saw my past results, they immediately jumped on my offer. I was also very excited to give them the same results as I did my past clients, but instead, what happened was a horror story.

I was able to fulfill my promise in giving them leads at super low CPL.
Results I made:
  1. Gave the client 66, one on one sessions for his financial services in under 30 days. (70% lower cpl than the average)
  2. Gave the client 125 attendees on their bootcamp at 37% show up rate from their captured email list. AND IT WAS THEIR FIRST TIME (ako nga 19% lang show-up rate ko, tapos tatlo lang ang nagpakita sa first time ko)

I saved them lots of time and money and even coached them with how they can run their business better.. LITERALLY THE THINGS I INVESTED MILLIONS FOR. Things that took me 6 years to learn!
But alot of things were missing….
  1. They aren’t that good yet in closing.
  2. It’s their first time trying this out…
  3. They don’t have assets that can allow them to scale just yet..

So the results was, they had ZERO sales. HAHAHA (But mind you, we only promised leads, and not sales because we’re not the converters, THEY ARE)
Here’s the funny part, I started questioning MYSELF! I started blaming myself for the results and wondered “Am I really good? Or do I really suck?”
To make matters worse, my client even cried in front of me because he thought, me being Maj Custodio, and having amazing past results could help him get there faster..
For many weeks I’ve been pondering on this thought but then I realized… The coaches and business owners I’ve been working with in the past already have a big business and lots of experience doing it.
They’ve made millions even before I helped them out! Which led me to this realization.


I learned that it’s important to STUDY your clients assets and see if your services can be put to good use and allow you to give them bigger and better results!
Quote from a wise person I know:
“You can’t help a king build a castle if he only has plywood and matches for you to work with..”
I realized that in order for you to perform at your max potential, you really need to understand where you are in the revenue line, and study the client’s current business model and assets you can use to give him/her the results they need.
I want to share more of the new experiences and strategies I learned in client hunting, that’s why, I’m opening a ONE-TIME-ONLY strategy session with ALL quickpro students and new comers and visitors this coming SATURDAY 5PM-7PM!
I’m inviting everyone who is still starting in freelancing, or even those who are already doing the work to come and join us as I share new and effective strategies that gets you long and sustainable results!